You had me at Felix Felicis. Please sir can I have some Pottermore?

It’s been awhile since I’ve become Harry Potter obsessed. That is about to change.

Awhile back, Shelfawareness gave us the 411 that Amazon and B&N are directing buyers to, which is providing super duper enhanced versions of the e-books, and in return, the readers are downloading more of Harry and crew onto their cauldrons, nooks and kindles.

According to Pottermore’s CEO, Redwayne notes, “This is the first time Amazon and B&N have driven customers off their platform to another site, and then given the ability to push that content back to their device.” Now that’s a first; a first where all parties seem happy.

It’s the circle of book sales…. and it moves us all.

Speaking of Pottermore, I decided a quick eyeballing of the demo video couldn’t hurt.  I was wrong. It took about 1.5 minutes before I wanted to give away all my information, take a day off, and brew some digital polyjuice smoothies, chased with a side of butterbeer .

Thank you Pottermore for expanding my horizons, and reducing my productivity; I should be preparing for hurricane sandy and memorizing binary for my CS50x class.

Dreaming of flying(brooms),



  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Are the bugs in potion making fixed? I heard a lot of people had problems and cauldrons kept blowing up.

    1. ceceyuan says:

      That’s a great question, I just started on chapter one so haven’t been able to unlock the potions yet.
      I do see a beta menu where you can provide feedback in a survey so they seem very aware of potential bugs and would like to improve the user experience.

      Overall, the flow isn’t that intuitive, you really have to wave your mouse around a bit to find things with minimal guidance. For some people though, that could be preferred! The look and feel(and owl hooting sounds) really do suck you in. When you do land on something cool, the additional excerpt from J K Rowling is worth it. I’m reading up on how Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon met for the first time…spoiler alert….

      There was a double date involving Harry’s parents. Hilarious.

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