Life’s a bitch and then you change careers. Hear hear, Andrea Kay!

Photo on 12-10-12 at 4.34 PM #2In order to make a successful career change, sometimes you’ve got to work backwards(case and point above). Dig deep and ask yourself: What is the gnawing, restless feeling in the pit of your gut?  What does it tell you?

Are you thinking of a career change? If so, Andrea Kay’s book is a helpful, and reasonably short read, her book feels a little more conversational (and way less intense) than “What color is your parachute”.

From the first page, the author grabbed my attention by pointing how damn difficult it is to let go. She goes straight to the heartstring by talking about how hard it is to let go of things, but more importantly, people. She still holds onto the socks her grandfather wore, even though he passed away years and years ago. I relate all too well; and even now just seeing the words “Rent” reminds me of the dvd I gave my friend Mary Lynne to help her cope with cancer.

CHANGE IS HARD…that’s how you know it’s working. It’s a risk and challenge to redefine yourself and rediscover your passions. It is overwhelming, but if you keep pushing, it becomes strangely liberating. The toughest part is getting started, so it helps to break it down into steps. I’ve laid out my 3 key takeaways from the book.

Feel free to check out the book for more detailed insight!

Ok, so back to the key question: WHAT IS THAT GNAWING FEELING IN YOUR GUT?

When figuring this out, I strongly advise you to take your time and WRITE IT DOWN in a notebook. Don’t touch your laptop until you are done writing. Take your time to scratch out stuff, crumple those papers, and befriend the waste bin.



What do you like?

I’d like to advise, promote/sell, build relationships, write and research,  create products(books)…

Who do you want to work with?

with teachers, parents, authors, and young adults who want to enrich their lives and problem solve through a creative outlet

What kind of environment?

where I’d be trusted with authority, rewarded for taking initiative, presented with clear objectives and vision, receive constructive feedback by mentors who encourage me to go above and beyond

What type of knowledge/interests would you use?

incorporating my knowledge about project management, digital, resourcing, business development, client relationships, pitching, branding,and my interest in discovering talent,  contract negotiation, purchasing rights, publishing, media adapting.

What are you passionate about?

by applying my passion for finding compelling and interesting stories,  building relationships, enriching young adult education, encouraging personal growth and responsibility, psychology, and helping people find a creative outlet to assist in self discovery.

And the big whomper….WHY WOULD THE WORLD CARE?
I would make sure great stories; stories that improve peoples lives and enhance self discovery and joy, would reach homes, schools and libraries everywhere. I want to find and market books that make a difference, provide a healthy outlet for people who are struggling, help build relationships between parents and kids, and encourage people to realize their full potential through reading. Great literature is directly tied to a great future.

I believe anyone can see a direct correlation between reading and success. Why else would David Rubenstein, co founder of Carlyle Group, donate 1.5 million to the Library of Congress and its literary awards program? He tells you here. 


The goal here is NOT to determine a job title. Instead, you should see if certain job descriptions match up with your career objective so you can further research trends for that area. For ex, middle managers may be extinct a few years from now whereas project managers are becoming more crucial as many businesses want a dedicated person to ensure process and cut costs.

Sales Rep:

– selling consultatively and proactively makes recommendations to existing and prospective clients regarding the various solutions a company offers to their business needs.

-Reviewing manuscripts from authors, editing them for completion

-Developing product knowledge and tailor strategy  to individual clients across a range of fields (from art and cultural institutions and corporate clients to small-scale design businesses and beyond).

Interest in the challenges and opportunities of electronic media as it applies to education and/or learning.

Marketing/Editorial Assistant:

-Spearhead and follow through on marketing plans for a variety of titles

-working closely with authors, the media, and affiliated organizations.

-scheduling author events, attending conferences (occasional travel may be required), and working with freelance designers on the concept and copy of promotional materials.


Think like Scrooge, be prepared to meet the ghosts of your christmas past, present and future.

For the last 3 years, I’ve worked as a sales rep and project manager in digital advertising. By engaging clients and managing the entire project life cycle, I’ve helped brands refine their messaging and build their online presence to showcase their best stories. I enjoyed assessing people’s needs, engaging them at events, determining a strategy, building a trusted rapport, and promoting a great product.

I’ve also applied these skills to my friends and family, specifically when it comes to reading. During difficult economic times, I want to make sure all people have access to books in schools and libraries. Growing up as an immigrant kid, I was able to learn english through ESL and my avid love of reading; I loved taking trips to public libraries and saving my money for scholastic books and devouring the classics. My family was always happy to bring me as well; reading was a bonding factor for my parents and I even if we disagreed on everything else.

I care deeply about finding books that improve lives. I am always asking what other people are reading, reviewing best seller lists, or recommending a title that obsesses me for a good few months. (Me: “WOW…the Fountainhead just blew my mind, it is thaaaat good. YOU.HAVE.TO.READ.IT”. This is immediately followed with, “Shoot….Nook won’t let me lend it.”)

After researching the industry, speaking with movers and shakers, attending fantastic conferences, and leading the Young Authors Alliance with New York Cares, I am determined to make sure great stories get told, while fulfilling the needs and desires of the YA audience.

Authors of the world, rev your pens!


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    I could barely recognize that picture of you.

    Love- Brown sugar

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