There’s logic to this madness: Gone Girl, the Obamas and a Kiss Cam.


When it comes to nytime best sellers, I am a bit skeptical at first.  I am one of the few people who has NOT read 50 shades of grey despite good reviews from my girlfriends, and even my boyfriend’s mom( she said she didn’t know what it was ‘really about’.)

Therefore,  I have been searching for another ‘hook’ to grab my attention.


 Noun: A hybrid word child of “hot” and “book”. A hook is a book you can’t put down.Ex: Gone Girl is such a hook!

Gone Girl is a twisted, whoa-i-wish-i-could-pull-that-off-but-not-really kind of story. It’s a quick thriller for men and women. Both venus and mars can relate regardless of marital status. Did I mention the e-book is the same price on amazon and b&n? About time.

WARNING: after reading Gone Girl in less than 48 hours, you may experience the following symptoms. These can occur simultaneously:

  1. You’ll need a serious swig of healthy relationship kool aid.
  2. You may worry about your sanity. Cuz you actually admire the dame.

Regarding item 1, I turned to some good ol’ fashioned PDA courtesy of the Obamas. Regarding item 2, “dame” is a euphemism. It’s OK. It’s so wrong yet so right.

P.S. Reese Witherspoon has signed up to play Amazing Amy’s perfect self in an upcoming film adaptation of the book. Legally blonde just got real.

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