January 1, 2013: You have surprised me

For the year of 2012, I would like to nominate my 15 year old younger brother for the “Silver Linings Playbook” award. Because “if you think positive, you have a CHANCE at a silver lining.”4-up on 1-1-13 at 4.38 PM (compiled)

My little brother is a typical teenage boy. Typically difficult. He plays video games 5 hours a day, taking the occasional pause to forage the kitchen or use le toilette. He’ll always find a way to say something insulting, especially if you are nice to him. He mutters profanities under his breath, but just loud enough for you to hear. He knows why he should wash the dishes or take out the trash, but prefers to torture you first with hours of “you’re not the boss of me”.  And the only time he takes things seriously is when my dad threatens to disconnect the internet. No internet= no video games = no WOW(World of warcraft).

So imagine my surprise when my mom calls me on new years day with a very unexpected story.

My family had 44 people over for an epic NYE house party.  To ensure that her kids’ filthy fingers will not taint her glorious meals, my mom usually does all the cooking. This works out for us, but it’s guaranteed my tiger mom will be really exhausted at the end of any party.

This year’s party ended right after midnight. As the rest of the family crawled into their beds with bursting bellies, there was one person who stayed up by himself until 2 am…CLEANING.  He didn’t tell a soul and cleaned quietly to make sure my mom, who is a super light sleeper, didn’t wake up.   Imagine mamacita’s amazement when she woke up January 1 to see all the dishes dish washed, dried and sparkling. Even the 20 pairs of slippers were matched and placed into their respective cubbies.

The acronym WOW just took on a whole new meaning.

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