3 predictions for book publishing in 2013: THE JOBS ARE COMING

Forbes contributor Jeremy Greenfield wrote a fantastic article about what to expect in 2013.  I’m a glass half full type of gal and his predictions are excellent news for any job seeker. Let’s break it down in layman’s terms, shall we?

1. Goodreads becomes a bookseller. Translate: MORE JOBS IN SOCIAL MEDIA!

2. Ebook marketplace gets dynamic and goes beyond discounting. Translate: MORE JOBS SELLING DEVICES!

3. Major publishers will form back-list marketing divisions. Translate: MORE JOBS MARKETING BOOKS THAT HAVE BEEN IN PRINT FOR OVER A YEAR!

And as I repeatedly write the word “more”,  Britney Spears is now stuck in my head. Gimme gimme more, gimme gimme… (good job news!)


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