What dreams may come: the first step to making a difference

dreamcatcher-wallpaper-1080Whenever I feel small, unaccomplished, insignificant, I try to remember that we are slated to make a difference; even if it’s placing a single, lonely pebble upon the vast miles of sand. With enough patience and time, these pebbles will become a formidable wave breaker, capable of stopping Poseidon himself.

My pebble, my first step towards catching my dream, was getting accepted into the CUNY Publishing Institute this June.

I chose CUNY over Columbia and NYU for the following reasons:

1. CUNY is less academia oriented , it’s a better fit for working professionals who want a crash course in publishing for 1 week

2. Price. CUNY was only $900. Compared to over  $7000+ for Columbia and NYU.

3. The president of Amazon Publishing, Larry Kirschbaum, is a speaker.  Given amazon is a point of contention with most publishers, I find this choice to be strategic and open minded: if you can’t beat them, at least listen to what they have to say.

If I die tomorrow, I’ll know that I’ve taken the first, and often, hardest step to realizing my passions.  I truly and wholeheartedly wish that for you too.



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