Seeing Green, Twenty Fourteen

Ni hao 2014,  why must you pressure me to be smarter, thinner, richer? 2013 liked me just the way I am. Sure, we were all square peg, round hole at first, but eventually, we made beautiful music.

2013 showed me a lot, so try not to get jealous, just hear me out…

1. Recognize you’re bad at something.

I am terrible at forgiving others. When someone really pisses me off, or messes with the people I love,  I need a serious grace period( my friends nicknamed me the Pitbull). In spite of my ‘respect or die’ reflexes, 2013 helped me realize pride can work against you.  Like falling in love for the very first time, everything is sweeter when you forgive and try your best to forget.

2. Recognize your inner crazy, then learn to manage other crazies

When being approached by the tasmanian-devil-cuckoo, 2013 and I have some great coping mechanisms:

a). dive into Barney mode. An extra spoonful of kindness can really throw someone off.

b). reason with the beast.  Use words like “maturity” and “perspective”, and if all else falls, “lawsuit”.

c). silence can be the most powerful response. Person X is looking for a reaction. Don’t give them any reason to shoot out of their looney bin spaceship.

d). call the police. Avoid the animals at all costs.

3. Recognize the worst in the people you care about, especially family.

Tis’ the truest way to love. You can ignore the flaws, you can make a lifetime of excuses for poor behavior, but it only perpetuates the vicious cycle. Just as rose colored glasses are dangerous when driving, your world will continue to crumble until you let go of false expectations. We are all half demon and angel, and only when you come to terms with duality, only when you stare the beast in the eye, can you tame it.

As you can see, 2014, the year before you was pretty special.  We made moves, like increasing Netflix’s stock value in a single sitting.

I hope our future is just as bright and fulfilling.




  1. Great concept.Every person is unique in his own way.Have a beautiful 2014..jalal

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