B is for Bully

b-is-forThis post is for the bullies who never stayed in the sandbox: CEO’s, Heads of Marketing, Captain’s of the police force. To most people,  they’re functional, funny, even charismatic members of society. Don’t let them fool you: bullies are ruthless when it comes to power. They are experts at manipulation. Slowly but surely, they’ll try to make you feel less. If you have potential, you are a threat. Cute, isn’t it?

Here’s the good news: YOU are a better and happier person than they’ll ever be.  How am I so certain? Because bullies are hollow, fragile shells. They grasp desperately to the seams so the ugly won’t spill out. But you can’t hide cruelty forever. Eventually, it leaks.

When dealing with a full-fledged bully, know this: it’s not your fault. Bullies will never take responsibility. They will make up any excuse, any cover story to make you the root of the problem. Trust your gut here. You’re not crazy. Shall I remind you why? Bullies are extremely insecure. Bringing pain to others fills the cavity in their souls. They want you to scream, curse, cry, react. When you don’t give them what they want, they get meaner. Like a rabid dog gone “red”, you must be the Cesar Millan of the situation. Manage your energy, conserve it. Stay calm. Stay assertive. When possible, walk away.

Most importantly, pray they don’t have a pet.


  1. tlehmann says:

    Love the inspirational message on a friday night. I write about bullying and inspiration as well and I wanted to tell you that this article made my evening!

    1. ceceyuan says:

      Hi! It’s hard to write about bullies without sounding angry or “bully like” yourself. I hoped someone would understand and feel the same:) You inspire me to keep writing, thank you tons for your kind note!

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