Top 3 FREE places to read and write!

cartoon-writerToday was incredible for discovering new spots in downtown Manhattan.

1. Barnes and Noble Tribeca: I live here. Get a membership card, you save tons on coffee/tea, even if you don’t buy books. Though you should. Buy books, that is.

2. New York Public Library: Shame on me for being 3 years late. Great children’s book section. Big windows. 2nd floor screams productivity. Fresh orange decor keeps you awake unlike some libraries.

3. Poets House: Gorgeous, hidden spot facing the water. Lots of light. Go here if you want true silence. Don’t wear clunky boots: it’ll echo.

Love and encouragement,


Claudia and the Rejection Letter

enhanced-buzz-22007-1348600374-13The word “internship” never garners happy thoughts when you’re finally making money. So, I surprised myself by how badly I wanted to work dinero free at Writer’s House, the discoverer of hits like The Babysitter’s Club, and uh, Twilight.
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50 first dates

book-lovers-3-300x200Dear struggling writer,

Let’s get uncomfortably cozy. Bring on the sweaty palms and “that sounds stupid” stand offs.  Bring on the “I love you, but I really don’t like you” pep talks. You know I can’t stand the silence.
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Telling true stories in this world and the next

In Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass,  the protectors of the underworld (horrific screaming harpies) did not let your soul pass unless you told them true stories.
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Life’s a bitch and then you change careers. Hear hear, Andrea Kay!

Photo on 12-10-12 at 4.34 PM #2In order to make a successful career change, sometimes you’ve got to work backwards(case and point above). Dig deep and ask yourself: What is the gnawing, restless feeling in the pit of your gut?  What does it tell you?
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