What color is your parachute? 4 steps to figure it out.

I had a scary gym teacher named Mr. Grady. But he was smart. He knew someday I’d be perusing the paperbacks and BAM! A cover image that resonates all too well with glorious childhood nostalgia.

Thanks to What Color is Your Parachute 2013,  which is 7 cents cheaper on amazon vs B&N, I’ve revamped the direction of my job search. Statistics from the book that seem obvious, but aren’t: 1. Calling up or visiting employers of interest gives you a 65% success rate. 2. Sending your resume has a 7% success rate, if you’re veeeery lucky.

My action plan for landing the dream jobby job job:

  1. Create an ongoing list of books I love (thx good reads)
  2. Go through the Acknowledgement section of each book. Identify imprints, publishing houses, editors and agents (thx amazon preview pages)
  3. Find contact info and whatever connections you may have, this means schools,  groups, hobbies, etc. (thx linkedin + google)
  4. Dial or die. Can you hear me now?


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